RPM Pro-Formance has been around the motorsports industry for over 10 years, repairing Legends Cars, Bandoleros and being the sole builder for Pro Challenge Series cars, but the history of the company goes well beyond a 10-year time frame.

In 1974, RPM Pro-Formance owner Jeff Jordan and his family decided to go racing in motorsports, with his father racing at such legendary tracks as Hickory Motor Speedway (NC) and Metrolina Speedway (NC).  His father helped get legendary driver Freddy Query into motorsports and the success both had throughout the years has placed their names in record books across the south. 

In 1981, Jordan got the urge to race himself.  Over the years, he has raced Go-Karts, Street Stocks, Late Models and Legends Cars.  Even though he had success from behind the wheel, Jordan's knack seemed to be outside the race car, working on them and repairing them for top performance on the race track.

In 1992, Jordan decided to work towards building his business, repairing race cars and making them race ready for the track.  In 1996, RPM Pro-Formance was formed, servicing the motorsports community.

"For 2 years, I put effort right towards the Legends, getting jigs and other repair items built," said Jordan.  "Actually my plan was to go into Legends racing, not so much a business, just to be able to fix my own car. Then I met some people like Kurt Andrews and Hank Scott, which directed some people to me. The next thing I knew, by word of mouth, I was covered from basically Florida to Canada with customers, requesting work."

His "word of mouth" business grew quickly, and now RPM Pro-Formance is considered the place a competitor takes their Legends cars for repair.  Even after a bad night at the race track with a fairly destroyed chassis, RPM Pro-Formance can get the car right back on the money.  With the past history showing multiple National Champions, Track Champions, Series Champions and thousands of wins, the proof is on the track: RPM Pro-Formance is the premier place to get your Legends Car race ready.